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Self Storage Frequently Asked Questions 

Find all your inquiries on our facilities, storage units, prices, discounts, amenities, and more with our frequently asked questions. Peruse our sections below to find any answers, or contact us today.  


Self Storage Basics 


What kinds of storage do you offer?  

At Overland Park Storage, we are proud to offer personal, business, military, student, and vehicle storage. To check out our options for each of these storage types, please visit our Storage Types page here.  


How do I choose a storage unit?  

When shopping for the right storage unit for you, it can be difficult to know what to look for. What amenities will meet my needs? How much space will I require? Before diving in, be sure to assess what you will be using a storage unit for.  

Once you have established your needs, check out our Size Guide to see what you will be able to store with the sizes we offer. 

Contact us here for any other inquiries or concerns.  


What do I need to rent a storage unit?  

If you are renting directly at our storage facility office, then you will need a government-issued ID or driver’s license and a form of payment (cash and card are preferred). If you are renting or reserving your storage unit online, then you will need a credit or debit card.  


Do you offer any resources for new renters?  

Absolutely! We would recommend the following pages for our new renters to explore:  

Storage Tips 

Storage Types 

Size Guide  

Promotions & Deals 


Contact Us 

Get to know our facilities and amenities and learn more about proper storage techniques for your storage types with the resource pages listed above.  


What can I store in a storage unit?  

Storage units are fantastic spaces for storing all types of objects and freeing up space in your living area. Items allowed in Overland Park storage units include: 









And more!  


What shouldn’t I store in a storage unit?  

Here are a few items you should never store in a storage unit:  

Firearms and ammunition 

Food and food storage 


Gasoline, flammable or combustible items, including propane tanks, gas cans, lighter fluid, batteries, car batteries, etc.  

Inoperable vehicles 

Contact us for questions, comments or more details on storable items.  


Is my monthly rate guaranteed for the length of my storage unit rental?  

Overland Park Storage values our customers and offers some amazing deals and promotions on our storage units. To stay competitive and account for inflation and other economic costs, however, your monthly rate is subject to change. For questions or concerns regarding your rate, contact us today.  

How do I cancel my storage unit reservation or close my unit?  

If you would like to close your account with us or cancel your reservation, please stop by our facility or contact us here.  


Features & Amenities 


What self storage amenities do you offer?  

At Overland Park Storage, our renters can enjoy a variety of amenities, including:  

24/7 gate and storage unit access 

Security surveillance 

On-site kiosk rentals 

Online rentals and reservations 

Mobile and automatic payments 

Well-lit facilities  

Commercial storage 

To see what amenities are available contact us here.  

Unit Sizes  

What are the standard storage unit sizes and what sizes does Overland Park Storage offer?  

At Overland Park Storage, we offer the following unit sizes:  








Some facilities may offer larger or smaller sizes depending on facility size and renter demand.  


How big of a storage unit do I need?  

To determine how the size of the storage unit needed, Overland Park Storage would recommend taking inventory of the items you plan to store and what you can budget for monthly self storage. If you are moving most of the contents in a two-story home, you may want to consider a 10x20 or 10x30 storage unit, whereas if you are moving into a college dorm, you may only need a 5x5 or 5x10 storage unit.  


How much does a 5x5 unit hold?  

To give you an idea of how much our units hold, let’s start with a 5x5 unit. One of our 5x5 storage units can contain a medium piece of furniture (like a dresser), a twin mattress set and a few large storage bins (as well as a few boxes!). We would highly recommend organizing efficiently, as you’ll save more space in your home or apartment while maximizing the capacity of your storage unit.  

To see how much can fit in larger storage units, check out our size guide here.  

What’s a typical storage unit height?  

Storage units are typically 8 feet tall, allowing renters to store a sizeable amount of belongings without paying for too much room unused.  

What if I want to change storage unit sizes after I’ve moved in?  

If you’ve rented a unit that’s either too large or too small, give us a call! We’d be happy to offer you other available units within your budget. You can contact us here. 


Pricing, Payments and Billing 

How much does a storage unit cost?  

Our units start at $50+ and will scale depending on unit size, availability and any discounts or offers applied. For official prices and available units in your area, please visit our Locations page here.  


Where can I get the best deal on storage units?  

You can find the best deals on Overland Park storage units as you shop for storage unit rentals directly on our Locations page, or on our Deals and Self Storage Promotions page.  


Additional Questions 

Is it illegal to live in a storage unit?  

You cannot live in a storage unit. This policy includes living in any storage units on Overland Park facility properties. Any individuals found living in Overland Park storage units will be evicted to not only comply with federal and local laws but also to abide by our own insurance policies.  

Can you sleep in a storage unit?  

Individuals found living or sleeping in an Overland Park storage unit will be penalized and may risk eviction.  

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